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Monday, May 29, 2006

The Sun Has Got His Hat On


On Saturday night, we enjoyed our inaugural barbeque. Twas also the night I discovered my aptitude for 'Who's In The Bag', as Mr. James marveled at my knowledge of politics and mastery of description.

'She's an MP. I can't remember what she does now. You know who I mean [...] Yes, you do. You do! You know the one! [...] Er, Education? Er, her surname [...] She's not 'Tall', she's????'

It turned out, after many horrified looks, that Clare Short is MP for Birmingham Ladywood. Ooops.

I also received this photo on Sunday afternoon, depicting the now-infamous 'flaming-knees' incident, in which the protagonist squats too closely to the clearly not-ready coals. Fortunately, Mr. James, his eyes filled noticeably with loving concern*, distracts with his dodgy facial contortions and even-dodgier apron. Now, THAT is romance.

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