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Sunday, February 12, 2006


This time last year I remember posting about the heinousness of Valentines' Day, the actual heinousness of my own Valentines' Day and the equally as heinous aftermath. Hopefully, Mr. Postsecret won't mind me stealing his blog-fodder, because this postcard just about summed up my thoughts when I woke up this morning.

Apart from last year, which was a bit of a slip-up, Valentines' Day doesn't really depress me. Obviously the fact that even the Nationwide cash-point has joined in on the hearts-and-flowers shebang is a little gruesome, as is the 'This is not just Valentines' Day, this is M&S Valentines' Day' advert. Oh yes, and the abnormal couple-single ratio which becomes suddenly apparent in the week preceding le grand jour. But let's face it, single people (and i'm talking to my friends here): we're young, vivacious little things with easy access to alcohol. There are worse things than not having a burly man to carry your food shopping home and to receive your unwelcome drunk 'n' dial. Poverty springs to mind.

The best Valentines Day I ever had was in my Fresher Year when my friend PJ (who is outrageously gay) took me for lunch and insisted shouting us both a bottle of Pinot. As I cooed, 'Oh, you shouldn't' over the wine list, the ridiculously attractive waitress gave me a look which was unmistakeably: 'Err, I think you might be barking up the wrong tree there, love'.

If any of you are feeling down about this fateful Tuesday, think of me. I'll probably be in a gutter somewhere, moaning that I was run down. By a parked car.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish to be doing the same sort of thing, different gutter, this weekend.

Great blog.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Jo said...

But * i * love you George! xxxx

9:29 AM  

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