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Thursday, February 09, 2006


For some reason I ended up talking about weddings and babies today. Yes, weddings. Weddings and babies. Babies. If I ever do pop out a few sproglets (shortly before donating them to my mother, who likes them), I shall regale them with tales of my halcyon, student, days. Days where I stayed up all night on a helipad talking to a boy, or when the House of Trouser threw me into a skip. When we founded Bov Care, the charity that gives £2 a month to a student so that he can have a pint. When we established Tourettes Soc. And now to add to my list of anecdotes Most Likely To Bore A General Acquaintance At A Party™, the time I checked my watch-9.08am-and the word 'dildo' had already been uttered six times.

Such is the joy of 'Spinsters, Lesbians and Whores of the 18th Century'. No, really. When those sproglets come along and say 'Mummy, It has come to my attention that you are really a woman of letters. I wonder, what is your specialist field?', I shall reply, unabashed, 'Dildos, my darling, dildos. Leather ones, and lambskin ones, and ones made of sacking. You know, for the poor lesbians who only got to meet girls at the farmer's market'.

In other news, today is actually my Blogday. 1 year is now officially the longest I have kept a diary. Hurrah for me!

EDIT: It appears that my Blogday was actually February 6th. Oops. However, February 9th is also Sam's(of Medical Records) birthday, and hence is easier to remember. Henceforth: Blogday equals February 9th minus much logic. Fin.


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