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Friday, September 23, 2005


Last night saw the arrival of the annual Returner's LCR, which for those of you who don't know, is like a special little shinding for second, third and fourth years, so that they can tell each other how old they feel and what they got up to during the summer, without upsetting the Freshers and/or mentioning what they got for their A-Levels.

The night begun and ended with carnage. The beginning of the end, which was also the beginning (keep up, kids) was when Moo tried to eject some cash-money from Nationwide and the machine ate it like the fat boy and the cake in Matilda. Thus Moo was forced to call Mumbai to have said plastic cancelled. Then I spilt (my first glass of) wine all over Boulder whilst simultaneously trying to compliment him on his dapper shirt (which I ruined). The rest became all quite hazy, and then for some reason whilst taking a midnight stroll, we ended up in some randoms' sitting room (with me) downing tumblers full of red wine whilst being egged on with some sort of Hockey-boy chant. And then at a later point I passed out my bed and woke up with the most bitching hangover known to man and I swear if I can just get through today I will stop drinking I will stop drinking forever help help help help etc.

Let this be a lesson to you against the evils of alcohol. Always drink responsibly etc.

P.S. TIP: Devendra Banhart is good, non threatening hangover music (tested). Avoid hardware stores at all costs; key cutting machines are not so good.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Hello treacles

I feel this blog might all be a tad humdrum having visited Jo's blog today, but I shall persevere in the manner of the war-time spirit (which is also the NHS spirit, for those of you have served your country in all things medicinal).

Thankfully, I now have housemates who don't mind shopping for 'luxury' bathmat sets at £3.99 and washing the sofa throws. The shower is now working, which is also a bonus; apparently I had missed the 'obvious' switch behind the kitchen door. I have a lampshade. A lampshade dammit!

And how are we enjoying our new house? By spending as much time out of it, of course.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Je Suis Ici

Hello treacles

After many a night in the desert, spent shielding myself from feral animals and feeding from the rears of yellow ants, I have found my way back to Norwich and am posting once again.

As I'm the first one into my new house, I have been mostly been trying not to destroy it before everyone else gets here (this weekend). Last night I found an earwig about 2" long and about 1cm wide (get me and my imperial/metric knowledge) resting its sleepy head in the bathtub and sporting the LARGEST set of pincers mankind has surely ever witnessed. I put the plug over its head in cold blood and hoped it would drown if I flushed the toilet, ran the tap etc. However, I realised this morning that I needed a wash and faced the bathroom once again. Unfortunately, the shower isn't working (why, oh why) and it took me 10 minutes to run an inch (there we go again) of water into the bottom of the tub, so I found a saucepan, squatted in my warm inch and bathed myself in the sweet sweet water filled into the pan until my hair was fully rinsed. For some reason, there is also a mirror which runs the whole way around the lip of the bathtub, so not only was I treated to an unsettling cleansing experience, but I was also faced with the fact that I had been very over-zealous with the liquid eye-liner yesterday and also that I've got a bit of a muffin belly going on (bending over is not such a good luck). Plus I was waiting for the earwig to creep out of the plughole and drown me with those pincers.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my first look around campus (and the fresh new meat abound). Oh you kids...

Lots of love from Me x